Arryn's Errand

Week 1

1297 – Age of Humanity [Month and Day to be added]

At the behest of Arryn Sewick, the party was assembled to enter into a long-abandoned laboratory and summoning site of Gothmog. Gothmog of Udin was a powerful wizard who specialized in summoning rituals and focused his attentions on summoning and binding devils. Arryn enlisted the adventures to recover an artifact he believed to be located within the site.

Upon reaching the site the party encountered the ruins of a cathedral and found a spiral staircase leading deep underground to the laboratory itself. A cryptic Dwarvish message scrawled in chalk greeted the party at the bottom of the stairs. “The Paladin is dead,” it read. An ominous message to warn future adventures or a last memorial for a fallen comrade, the message’s intent was not evident. Upon exploring further an acidic green slime was found to the south which caused the party to change heading and push further to the west. After a failed attempt to reason with a band of duergar looters the party engaged in a brief combat that saw four of the dark dwarves slain and the fifth turning invisible to escape through an illusory wall. The party passed through the illusion into the next room and found a tunnel within a kiln leading deeper into the earth, presumably a passage into the Underdark itself. A fire was prepared in the kiln to dissuade anything from coming in behind the party.

The party continued on, encountering a room with swirls of encrusted gemstones inlaid into the floor and a trio of large gems set on pedestals. While Roethur was gathering books for his collection from a bookcase in this room he triggered a switch and a secret passage was revealed. Through this passage and a winding hallway the party found a room with two chests out in the open and presumably unguarded. Sensing something might not be right, a pair of arrows were fired, one to each chest, and it was discovered that one was in fact a mimic. The next combat encounter proved to be quite dangerous after the mimic was able to knock both Celevan and Oromis unconscious with devastating hits. After several rounds of cowering in the hallway, Arryn finally dispatched the beast with a blast of magical energy causing ichor to cover those nearby. From this room two others branched off. One contained another hidden passage accessible via bookcase and the other several statues and a mosaic depicting a large winged serpent. An old humanoid corpse found in the tunnel was the only thing of note the party was able to discover in these rooms.

Continuing on, the party reached what appeared to be a dead end. Feeling that there must be more to this place, Arryn insisted on a redoubled search of the area after which another secret passage was found. This passage led to the most dangerous room yet. Within the room was the artifact sought by Arryn, a large morningstar of sorts, but it also contained a sleeping Pit Fiend bound and trapped within a bubble of magical energy. After picking up the morningstar the devil awoke. What happens next is yet to be seen.


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