Alurath's Wharf

Alurath’s Wharf is a bustling metropolis and city-state in the western region of Oorun.

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Alurath’s Wharf is primarily a merchant’s hub for western Oorun and the Axe Sea. Nearby farms export livestock and goods produced from them and other farms while the city imports trade goods and curios from around the world. Artisans and craftsmen of all trades can be found within the city. Taxes levied on all imports and exports is the primary form of municipal income.

Several thieve’s guilds vie for income and influence, stolen and fenced goods can be found. While these items cost less than new items, hidden costs and the risk involved often makes it not worth pursuing.


Alurath’s Wharf is ruled by six lords who own and let large swaths of land in the surrounding area. Each of the six lords maintain a number of vassals who rule nearby settlements and provide money and soldiers. In return, the lords provide protection and civil services to those settlements. When one of the lords retires or dies, a new one is promoted from among the noble families by means of vote from the remaining five lords.


Alurath’s Wharf is named for a legendary seafaring hero named Alurath Silentall. When she retired, she and her crew settled in what is now the city and oversaw initial construction of the walls. Time has changed the rulership of the city, but the common folk still tell stories of Alurath to their children.

Notable Locations

  • Noble District
  • Wharf District
  • Merchant District
  • Common District

Notable People

Notable People

Alurath's Wharf

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